What is Lomi Lomi Nui?  [ x ]

In Hawaiian, the word lomi means massage. Its literal translation is: “press, knead, rub, massage, working in and out”. The duplication of the syllable means that this word is of major importance. Nui means “big”.

Originally, this form of massage was practiced in the temples of the Kahuna (Healer, Sage) and is therefore also called temple massage. Lomi Lomi is part of the art of healing, like herbal medicine, and plays an equally important role.

Lomi Lomi is also a massage ritual in the sense of a “cleansing ritual”. Thus, the spiritual aspect plays a very important role in this tradition.

Traditionally, young people, who were about to enter the grown-up world, would get a massage in the temple. The massage usually took hours and was designed to dissolve blocks and tension. It was supposed to help letting go of old things. The massage was a preparation for a new beginning in a person's life.

The massage is good for everybody. With this massage, every person wanting to let go of something, looking for a new beginning or a change in his or her life, can let go old patterns and physical and mental blockages.

Lomi Lomi Nui is a holistic massage. It loosens muscular tension, facilitates general wellbeing, and is intended to help the recipient obtain a state of harmonious balance for the soul.

The Hawaiian culture doesn't separate body, mind and soul.

In ancient times, Hawaiians thought that human beings were part of the whole universe. The universe is filled with a great deal of energy influencing the thriving of all living creatures. According to Hawaiian belief, human beings can utilize this energy to harmonize their lives on a mental and physical level.

Therefore, it is my job as a Lomi Lomi massage therapist to fetch this healing, invisible power of the universe and transfer it to the recipient.

In my work, I am intent on being fully connected with the recipient with my mind and all my soul during the massage.

I pay attention to an even breathing (piko piko breathing method) and during the entire massage I move around with a light and dancing step (frigate bird step) around the massage table.

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